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  • Provide enough space for adequate circulation around the fridge to reduce up to 150 kg of greenhouse gases per year.
  • Buy an energy-efficient fridge to save up to 4.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases and $450 in running costs over its lifetime, visit
  • Put cool things back in the fridge immediately after use.
  • Make sure the fridge door seals are clean, not cracked or missing and that the door closes properly.
  • Check the fridge and freezer thermostat settings.
  • Cook toast in the toaster rather than under the grill.
  • Check that the oven door seal is not cracked or partly missing.
  • Ensure that the oven door closes tightly.
  • Use a microwave to reheat food.
  • Make use of your gas BBQ more often.
  • Fill the dishwasher before using and open the door to let dishes dry naturally.
  • Only use the dishwasher when you have a full load to wash.

Living Areas:

  • Switch to compact fluorescent lights to save up to $50 in energy costs and half a tonne of greenhouse gas emissions with every bulb.
  • Do not overheat rooms - a 1°C increase in room temperature can increase your bill by 10 percent or up to $48 per year.
  • Turn off all unused appliances from the power point. Standby mode can account for up to $11-$15 in every $100 on your power bill.
  • Use fans instead of air conditioners. They can cost as little as only 1cent per hour to operate.
  • Keep windows and doors closed when the air-conditioning is on.
  • Eliminate draughts by sealing cracks around windows and doors. In winter draughts can increase your heating costs by up to 25 percent.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights – this can substantially reduce your power bill.
  • Use light-coloured interior paint to reflect light and make your rooms brighter; dark rooms absorb light.
  • Insulate ceilings and walls to keep the house up to 10°C warmer in winter and 7°C cooler in summer.
  • Protect windows from sunshine or heat loss with curtains and blinds.
  • Prune trees and shrubs around windows to allow extra lighting.
  • Have an awning fitted on westerly facing windows.
  • Window tinting can reflect the sun.

Bathroom & Laundry:

  • Switch to a solar hot water system to halve greenhouse gas emissions and save up to $150 per year.
  • If possible lower the water heater thermostat to 60-65°C to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use the clothes line not the dryer and save up to $72 per year.
  • Install Triple A shower heads to use less hot water and save up to $12 per person, per year.
  • Take shorter showers and save up to $48 per person, per year.
  • Brighten rooms with a skylight rather than a light bulb.
  • Wash with cold water.
  • Only use the washing machine when you have a full load.