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Thank you for your support during our extended solar roll-out. Sanctuary Energy is making phenomenal progress in completing the remaining installations before the changes coming into effect on June 30.

Our installation team are working with ten installation companies to ensure panels are installed as quickly as possible. Due to the complex nature of this work and the government imposed deadlines we would ask that customers do not call repeatedly asking for updates. The installation team need to remain focused on getting all installations done so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of solar.

Sanctuary Energy would also ask that the small number of customers experiencing glitches with their systems understand that you will need to take a lower priority than new installations so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the solar schemes which are being wound down by some State authorities.

Total Solar Panel Installations to date:8,600
Additional Installations to achieve before June 30:1,400
Installations to be scheduled:500

Quick Guide to the Process

  • Sanctuary Energy allocates your installation to the company covering your area.
  • The installation company schedules installations in an area and sends notification to Sanctuary Energy.
  • Sanctuary Energy will send you a letter confirming your installation company
  • The installation company nominated will contact you to confirm an installation date

Sanctuary Energy cannot advise of your installation date any sooner as we may need to reassign your installation if one installer is experiencing a slowdown in installations (for example sick installers) or has been affected by adverse weather. Sanctuary Energy is focused on providing a safe working environment for our installers. Your installation may not occur on the scheduled day due to adverse weather conditions including rain, wind or extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Your installation company will contact you to reschedule, please understand this is outside of our control.

When should you contact Sanctuary Energy in regards to an installation date?

  • If you have received a letter from Sanctuary Energy advising you of your installer, but you have not been contacted within two weeks;
  • If the installer has made an appointment but you are unavailable (please be aware due to the government deadlines we have limited flexibility in installation dates and times);
  • If the installer has missed an installation appointment.

What happens if I miss the State funded feed-in tariff deadlines?

Sanctuary Energy will still install panels on your home. You will not receive the State feed-in tariff, however we will discuss with you having the system installed in a ‘net’ configuration. This will save you money as all energy generated by the panels will be used by appliances in your home first at no charge.